Pre-programmed energy system with LiFePO4 batteries, expandable, LCD display, dual output for critical loads.

    5.12-15.36kWh Stackable
    Rated Power: 5kW
    Voltage Range: 170~280Vac(for personal Computer) ;
    90~280Vac (for home appliances)
    Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz(Auto sensing)
    Surge Power: 10kVA
    Pure Sine Wave
    Transfer Time: 10ms
    Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500Vdc
    Maximum PV lnput Power: 6000W
  • Max PV Array 145VDC
  • PV Array Voltage MPPT 30-120VDC
  • Max PV Input 1500W
  • Max Solar Charge 60A
  • Max ACCharge 30A
  • Max Charge Current 80A

More Details

  • Pre-programmed energy storage system with off-grid solar inverter and lithium batteries.
  • Built-in LiFePO4 battery modules with intelligent BMS and thermal control for enhanced safety.
  • Selectable input voltage ranges to fit home appliances personal computer loads
  • Modular stackable design ,battery capacity to be expanded up to 15.36kWh per tower
  • Quick coupling terminal connection 
  • Real-time display of operation status through a 5.5” colorful LCD for easy reading. Built-in WiFi monitoring via mobile app for convenient access
  • Configurable dual output setting optimizes battery backup for critical loads during grid unavailability & low PV efficiency