High-quality solar inverter, versatile, smart charger, auto-restart, configurable settings

    3000W Rated Power
    6000W Surge Power
    Pure Sine Wave
    (230VAC) ±5%

    50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing) Frequency Range
  • 24VDC Normal Voltage
  • 30VDC Overcharge Protection
  • Max PV Array 145VDC
  • PV Array Voltage MPPT 30-120VDC
  • Max PV Input 1500W
  • Max Solar Charge 60A
  • Max ACCharge 30A
  • Max Charge Current 80A

More Details

· Pure sine wave solar inverter
· Output power factor up to 1.0
· Compatible to AC mains or generator inputs
· Considerable PV input types
· Build-in smart solar charger (PWM/MPPT)
· Battery independent design (5kW)
· Auto restart while AC is recovering
· Configurable AC / Solar input priority via LCD setting
· Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computer loads